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Welcome to The Collective


When brand and talent are married seamlessly, magic happens.

At Red Money Collective, we understand that real people connect with real people. When we welcome new talent to the family, we take the time to understand them and to discover what makes them tick. This helps us to forge long-lasting relationships that can withstand the winds of trend and fashion.

From the idea stage through to content production, publishing and public relations, our collective promises to break the rules, every step of the way.

By mixing up the way that talent is managed, we continue to produce dramatic results, time after time.

We know our name is a little out of the ordinary, but that just sums us up!

Founded in 2016, RMC hails from the Chinese year of the monkey. Monkeys are witty, intelligent, disruptive & playful - this sings to the nature of our family. Hence the “Monkey.”

The “Collective” element reflects our business model, and how the streamlined internal team is supported by a much wider network of tenacious specialists.

“Red” - Well, um… simply that we’re big fans of the colour and it’s associations with power, love, strength and passion - all of the traits that we see shining through our talent, each and every day.


You'll be in great company