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Welcome to The Collective


Red Monkey Collective brings a fresh, modern and forward thinking approach to the worlds of talent and brand management. We are here to shake things up!

Working across Sports, Music, Media & Entertainment, RMC’s focus is on providing slick, authentic & engaging content for our clients; all tailored towards our clients’ bespoke demands. We aim to provide the very best in both talent and brand management, for inspiring people and amazing brands. Too often, we hear stories from clients, whether individuals or brands, of previous agencies having over-promised and under-delivered. We never want RMC to be seen in this way.

We know our name is a little unusual, but it’s for good reason!

Founded in June 2016, RMC hail from the Chinese year of the monkey. Monkeys are witty, intelligent, disruptive & playful - much how we like to think of ourselves. Hence the “Monkey”.

The Collective part reflects our business model, and how the streamlined internal team is supported by the wider team of specialists, the “Collective”.

Red? Well, um… we don’t really know why but it seems to work!


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