Passionate About Clients



Working across individual talent management, brand consultancy and events, the overriding objective of everything we do at Red Monkey Collective, is to never be seen as the agency that over-promises and under-delivers.  Too often, we hear stories of clients having been under-serviced by their existing or previous agency.

Our underlying drive is to never be seen in this way ourselves.


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In A New Age of Marketing

One in which content is king, we are passionate about creating inspiring content and working with amazing people, who are doing extraordinary things.  We exist to enable our clients to do the things they love, by growing and commercialising their brand.



The Collective

Through our streamlined internal team, we focus upon a few key areas for our clients; primarily geared around revenue generation, social media management and strategy and content ideation.  Having a small and focussed internal team allows us to keep our costs down and enables us to offer exceptional value for money.

It is then through our Collective, a curated network of specialists from a number of complimentary fields, that we are able to look after other client needs such as legal, financial or PR – all offered on an on demand service tailored to clients’ needs.

Through our creative and transparent approach – along with some good old fashioned hard work – we deliver truly exceptional results for our clients