About Andy

A consummate professional, Andy Tennant is well known in the world of cycling for his remarkable ability in the saddle and excellent performances both nationally and internationally. A serial medallist for Britain, he has ridden for their pursuit team, Team WIGGINS and now Canyon Eisberg. Alongside this, he had a starring role for Gillette alongside numerous other athletes, such as Neymar and Ning Zetao, in a series of adverts around the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  

Tennant's cycling accomplishments speak for themselves, but are made all the more impressive by his medical history. Having suffered from heart problems as an overweight youngster, Andy was for a long time banned from physical activity. The struggles he faced at that time have not been forgotten, and Tennant continues to sponsor both the British Heart Foundation and Birmingham Children's Hospital, both of which had enormous impact on his career. A glance at his medal haul shows that he has more than made up for time lost during his childhood. His remarkable junior career has led to an equally impressive senior record and he shows no signs of slowing up.

A measured approach to cycling and competing has led to Tennant gaining a reputation as one of the most respected riders on the track. His personal manner is equally relaxed, and he has used it to great effect in a number of public speaking and brand ambassadorial roles. Motivational, inspirational, and a bonafide star of cycling, Tennant is a humble and witty personality out of the saddle.


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