About Charlotte

Mutli-award winning tech entrepreneur Charlotte Pearce, 27, has been the CEO and Founder of her successful company 'Inkpact' for over three years. Inkpact is an innovative technology platform that allows brands to embed thoughtfulness and care into their marketing strategies at scale. Charlotte, inspired by entrepreneurship from a young age, is on a mission to bring the heart and head of business together.

As a millennial business owner her message is clear: lead with love and prioritize authentic, human communication in business. Charlotte's unique strength as a leader and as an inspiring role model, reaches into several realms; young women in tech, young entrepreneurs and social enterprise, all the way into big corporates seeking to innovate and adapt their communications for the modern day. With Inkpact now running a Salesforce app, Charlotte and her team have created a platform that brings humans and technology closer together. The app allows email campaigns to be transcribed by hand, into beautiful handwritten letters with the help of a community of freelance creatives (The Scribe Tribe) – all at the touch of a button. Real campaigns, real jobs, real people, delighting thousands of customers through the power of handwritten communication.

Not only does Charlotte provide a personal touch to her clients’ marketing campaigns, she also provides regular, flexible and meaningful work to hundreds of remote creatives, around the UK and world-wide. The scribe's role is equal opportunity and The Scribe Tribe Community come from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, passionate artists, retirees, students and stay-at-home mums. Some of her members have even faced circumstances that make a normal 9-5 impossible, such as those recovering from chronic illness, rehabilitation post- incarceration and other difficulties.

With a passion for technology, social impact, and doing things differently, Charlotte has built a multi-million-pound company from the ground up. She is considered 'one to watch' by Richard Branson and has been named in the Forbes 30 under 30, Maserati 100 and Young Entrepreneurs list 2016. Charlotte is considered amongst the 15 most influential women in technology in the world, alongside Sheryl Sandberg. She has featured in Stylist, The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Guardian and many more. As a Forbes contributor with a regular column on Humans and technology, Charlotte is passionate about the future of business communication.

An in-demand motivational and after dinner speaker, Charlotte has addressed a variety of audiences from corporate to educational; giving speeches at award ceremonies, running inspiring internal workshops, attending business events and delivering keynotes across startup, corporate and social enterprise. She recently appeared on BBC World News, Talking Business that reaches over 100 million viewers and is the creator and presenter of a new video series Humans of Business. Charlotte speaks about communication, humanness within business and connection, with topics including ‘Scaling Thoughtfulness', 'Growing a Culture-First Business', 'The Feminine in Tech', 'Courage in Business', 'Leading with Love', 'Humans of Business – why Connection matters', and 'Dream Big'.




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