About James

As the youngest person to travel to every country in the world, James Asquith has seen more than most people will see in a lifetime - and he’s only just 30. Originally hailing from Sussex, James first developed the travel bug through his father, a pilot for BMI, travelling to an array of exotic locations as a child on a regular basis.

After travelling to South-East Asia on a gap year with friends, James decided to take on an around-the-world tour of all 196 registered countries, lasting 5 years, completing this challenge at the age of 24. From surviving near death experiences in Iraq and Somalia to sleeping on runways in Tuvalu and being the first person in the world to watch the daily sunrise in Kiribati, James’ went on to release a book about his incredible journey, Breaking Borders, which featured in Amazon’s Top 10 Travel Books category.

Now, having given up a successful career in banking, James runs his own travel business, HolidaySwap, and is on a mission to explore the countries he grew so fond of on his travels in more detail, making the world a more connected place along the way.





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