About Laura

As an adventurer, speaker and full time Mum, Laura Bingham is a woman of many talents. Her journey started out in 2014 when she decided to attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean with no experience whatsoever in sailing. Alongside two other crew members, it took them two whole months, encountering a near deadly storm in the process, to reach the other side.

In 2018, Laura led a world first expedition alongside Pip Stewart, Ness Knight and the Wai Wai, to locate the source of the Essequibo river and then make a world first decent by Kayak, the trip took a total of three months and saw them trekking their way through virgin jungle and down precarious rapids. They encountered myriad wildlife including Jaguars and the infamous deadly poisonous Labaria snake. 

By this point, Laura had truly developed the adventure and exploration bug. Two years after crossing the Atlantic, she took on the mammoth challenge of crossing South America without any money, all in aid of Operation South America, a charity for homeless and abused young girls in Paraguay. Living off scraps and relying on human kindness, it was an eye opening challenge for Laura, and one of which she had never undertaken before.

Now, Laura’s exploits have earned her recognition from the pioneers of the adventure world, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes amongst others, so much so that she has an upcoming television project with Discovery Channel that airs in late 2019 around survival on a deserted island.

Outside of the adventure sphere, Laura currently lives in Leicestershire and is married to fellow explorer Ed Stafford; they have a son together, Ranulph. Laura is also an Ambassador for the Children's Air Ambulance charity, which flies critically ill children across the UK to the specialist care they need. 







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