About Matt

Originally hailing from Liverpool, Matt Craig is widely regarded as one of the best FIFA influencers in the world. With a collective following of over 4 million, he commands a loyal and engaged audience over 5 different social platforms that is growing at a strong rate, both domestically and internationally.

As an avid gamer growing up, Matt started solely playing FIFA in 2012, leaving behind his job as a youth support worker to focus on creating FIFA related content for his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel soon took off in dramatic fashion, alongside his booming Twitter and Twitch profiles, leading to him creating content for household brands such as Apple, New Balance, AT&T and Sony, amongst others.

Whilst Matt is known for his talent in front of a camera, he is also a talented presenter; he took the reigns at last year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) in London and was part of the presenting team for the eMLS Cup back in April this year. Unlike many other influencers in Matt’s space, he is passionate about helping charitable causes close to his heart, raising over £40,000 for Cancer Research UK over the course of only three streams - an incredible achievement. With an army of devoted followers and a proven talent for content creation, the future is very bright for Matt Craig.





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