About Nick

After running his first marathon at 11, Nick actually kick-started his career in the world of sport as a young skier in the under 19’s Snowsports England ski team.

Nick later gravitated towards super long distance endurance events in 2010. Quitting his successful career in banking, he jumped into the world of Ultra Running and has since competed in over 380 events worldwide. He’s known for his eye-watering determination since successfully completing the infamous Marathon des Sables foot after suffering a broken ankle in the last 40 miles of the race.

A keen writer and photographer, Nick has written dozens of well illustrated articles for various headliners such as Red Bull, Wanderlust, Outdoor Fitness, The Times and the BBC. A number of charities have also benefited in recent years having raised over £140,000 for the BHF, VICTA and Cancer Research… but he’s not stopping there.

The future for Nick has hit extraordinary heights already, as he is well into his biggest challenge yet: Running The World 196. Nick is aiming to become the first man to run a marathon in every country in the world, breaking 8 Guinness World Records in the process. Documenting every country in his photobook and blog, Nick is aiming to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK in the 550 days it will take him to complete this astronomical challenge.


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