About Ross

“The World’s Most Travelled Fitness Expert” (GQ Magazine), Ross Edgley has been at the forefront of the industry for over 10 years. Originally from Grantham, the former Great Britain water polo player received a first class degree from the renowned Loughborough University School of Sport and Exercise Science and decided to pursue a career in performance nutrition and strength coaching.

In 2012, Ross became a co-founder of The Protein Works, one of the UK’s most innovative sports nutrition companies. Along with his involvement with this award winning company, Ross frequently writes for a range of publications including GQ, Men’s Health, The Telegraph, Men’s Fitness, Askmen.com and many others.

With an “aversion to the average” he challenges conventional wisdom and is considered to be a scientist, sociologist, and philosopher of training and nutrition. Much of Ross’s publicity has come from his grueling fitness stunts, such as his ‘World’s Strongest Marathon’, where he pulled a 1.4 tonne MINI Countryman 26.2 miles around Silverstone in just under 20 hours. Not only do his stunts push the boundaries of physical strength, they also raise huge amounts of money for charities close to his heart.

In May 2018, Ross released his long anticipated book, aptly titled ‘The World’s Strongest Book’, which is a guide for how to train for ‘anything, everything, anywhere and everywhere’. Backed up by Ross’s scientific background and his experience in taking the human body to its limit in the field of endurance, the book quickly became The Sunday Times no. 1 bestseller in May 2018 and reached no.1 in Amazon’s fitness book category.


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