About Sam

As a travel blogger, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, Samantha’s mission is to share her passion for travelling and inspire people to see the world through original and authentic content.

Originally from New York, Samantha first fell in love with travelling and capturing her adventures during her study abroad in Italy. It was there that she realized how travelling has completely opened her mind and broadened her perspectives, giving her a new sense of empowerment with faith in people as well as herself.

Samantha’s experience abroad inspired her to create She’s Going – a platform where she shares everything from travel tips, stories and destination guides, and advocates for “Girls Gone Global”. More than that, it is a community that encourages people to break out of their comfort zones and pursue their wildest dreams.

Today, Samantha is a true jetsetter that splits her time between travel blogging, curating content for global brands, and all the while managing the vacation rental business she founded (SG Rentals). She has traveled to over 30 countries, logged over 200k miles and has had the chance to create lasting friendships with people from different cultures and build a meaningful global network.




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