About Sarah

Sarah Roberts is a naturalist with a thirst for adventure, a degree in animal behaviour, an extensive knowledge of environmental issues and a slight tendency for accidents… Sarah is an eco-journalist, children’s author and a recently appointed a Trash Isles ambassador for LadBible.  Sarah also works as a researcher for the BBC and does a large amount of public speaking both in schools and privately at events and for brands.

Since 2012, Sarah has worked with wildlife in countries such as the Bahamas and South Africa, in a wide variety of roles, from assessing shark populations to tracking grizzly bears. Her experience within the natural world, amongst some of the planet’s most iconic ecosystems, from rainforests to coral reefs, has given Sarah a huge sense of personal responsibility in championing the message that we, as a species, need to be doing all we can to protect our beautiful planet.

Aside from the great outdoors, Sarah’s big passion is storytelling and she is a firm believer that a lot of science is missed simply because people can’t understand complex jargon or see how it would apply to their everyday life.  It is this passion that led Sarah to write her first children’s book, Somebody Swallowed Stanley.

In addition, Sarah is in the process of writing a second book, and has partnered with a number of like-minded brands, including Blacks, The Scouts, Can-O Water and Chilly’s Bottles.  Some of Sarah’s YouTube videos have attracted views of in excess of 100k.


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