About The Tempest Two

“Our goal is to show how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. We are not athletes, but storytellers, giving adventure a relatable face.”

In December 2015, Tom and James set off on a 54 day, 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean completely unaided, having never rowed or sailed before. Through the abject weather, shark and whale encounters, sheer physical strain and the first hurricane to form in the Atlantic for half a century, The Tempest Two was born.

Since then, they have delivered motivational talks at the likes of Nike, Airbnb and Red Bull, preaching their motto of 'Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.'

Their next challenges came in July and November, when they kayaked the Swedish Archipelago and climbed Mont Blanc respectively, having no previous experience in either sport. In one of their most recent challenge, despite only passing their motorcycle test two weeks prior, the boys set off from Bilbao in Northern Spain with the aim of riding to the Sahara desert, culminating in an intimate talk at Beyond Sahara Festival.

Soon after this in October 2017, the boys embarked on Project Patagonia – a world first ultra triathlon challenge through the South American region. The challenge consisted of a 1,600km cycle, a 65km world first ultra run and a world first sup between the two glacial lakes. The three weeks were without doubt the toughest of their lives.







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